Sunday, May 15, 2011

So the chief of the IMF got arrested for rape

And of course there are conspiracy theorists of all stripes screaming about how Sarkozy set him up because Dominique Strauss-Kahn was all set to run against him as the French Socialist party candidate.

Yes folks, you read that shit right. The head of the IMF, bastion on neoliberal policies designed to screw over the poor and benefit the rich, is a French Socialist.

But here's the thing: once again a powerful man is accused of rape and the world jumps on the woman (see Assange, Julian or Spitzer, Elliot- thought at was prostitution and not rape). This isn't the first time Strauss-Kahn has been in trouble cause of his penis. He had an affair with a subordinate a few years ago that resulted in an investigation and SHE got the can.

It is possible that 1)He's a fucking rapist with a history AND 2) He got set up. At the same time, those things can be true.

But the one thing I am damn sure of is that no one who runs the IMF should call themselves a socialist. While his arrest may look like a good thing for Sarkozy (fucking Sarkozy) in the long run it's a better thing for the French Socialist Party. He could have been their Tony Blair, the best thing to happen to English Tories, or their Obama, the best thing to happen to kleptocrats ever.

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