Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lady Cop TV is about to get AWESOME!!!!

I already love me some lady cops shows. The Closer and In Plain Sight are two of my favorite currents. The Closer is getting a spinoff with President Roslin herself (Mary McDonnell) taking her Captain Raydor to Major Crimes. TV is always a better place with more of her on it.

In my love of Lady Cop shows, Prime Suspect is probably the first and the standard that I hold them too. It's getting Americanized and Maria Bello is about the only actress (not currently playing a cop on TV) that I could see channeling Helen Mirren.

Now if I could just get USA to stop with the month long lag they have on posting shows online, I could be getting my In Plain Sight fix, as the new season has just started. Bitchy ladies with guns, OMG it's like heaven minus the asswipes.

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