Friday, May 20, 2011

Consider this an open place to rage

against the assholes, douchebags and fuckwads who are currently causing strife in your life. Be specific. Be vague. Just let it out. That said.....

God damn fucking useless loser! You are less useful than hot shit on a sunny day and you probably smell worse. Underneath the definition of deadbeat in the dictionary is your picture. I know you always like to be thought of as the good guy, but good you ain't. Useless, pathetic, weasely, overgrown man-child. For fucks sake, you are nearly 40! Pay your fucking child support you giant shithead. If you think your kid just simply doesn't notice the difference between when child support is paid and when it isn't, you're a bigger asshole than I give you credit for. Of course he notices, but then he's a wee bit quicker on the uptake than you are. You are quite simply a waste of a skin bag. May you be blessed with a flesh eating bacteria.

Now, deep calming breath in. And out. One thing I learned is that it is important to figure out why you are actually angry and focus your energy on that actual source rather than ignoring or minimizing it. So focus and release. I actually feel a bit better now and can probably finally get to sleep.

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