Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's mourning in America

If you look in my shared items you'll see a new piece of street art by
Shepherd Fairy, yes that Shepherd Fairy. The guy responsible for those
ubiquitous Obama posters in 2008. I seem to remember skimming
something not that long ago about how Fairy was dissapointed in Obama.
I feel a twee bit bad for those who've had their audacious hopes for
change crushed and admit it (just a twee bit, I'm still pissed off
about the violent threats lobbed at non-Obots). But here's a guy whose
name we only know because it was so firmly entwined with the mass
brainwashing of the democratic base in 2008 coming out of the cult
like fog. For progressives, real progressives, this is awesome. For
Democrats, it should serve as a 2 minute warning. The game is almost
over and they are going to lose.

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