Monday, March 21, 2011

To steal from Corrente-It's all about the rents

Fucking AT&T, purveyors of extremely high-priced yet crappy cell
service, is buying T-mobile. I love T-Mobile. There service is great
and their prices are cheap-ish. they are decidely more expensive than
craptastic prepaid services, but it's worth it as their product is
vastly superior. Or at least it was until fucking AT&T decided to buy
it. There will now be only one gsm cell phone service in the country
and really just 2 major nationwide cell phone companies, AT&T amd
Verizon (I'm not counting Sprint. Nobody counts Sprint). I know the
freemarketeers like to blather about competition, but where the fuck
is it? We pay more for cell phone service than Europeans & Asians and
have crappier quality to boot. And in a year I'm going to be faced
with jacked up rates and crappier service because we like utility
company monopolies. Fuckers.

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