Monday, March 21, 2011

If they really wanted to reduce abortion numbers

and by 'they' i mean both republifuckers and democrats, they would
start talking about child support enforcement. Per the last census (i
can't read the 2010 census on my phone) 70 percent of all child
support cases in this country have a past due balance and in many
states over 50 percent of all cases haven't seen a payment in over a
year. Woman are logical creatures, and since a huge number of women
who have abortions are already mothers, perhaps they are having
abortions because they already know the partners aren't going to pay
their fair share. The last time any politician talked seriously about
child support collection was Bill Clinton in the mid 1990's. But child
support falls mainly on the shoulders of manly men, and heaven forbid
a politician of either party shame them for failing to do their part.
Shame is a women only business in politics.

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