Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dammit child, stop growing!

Children always pick the most inopertune time to grow. We are on our
way to the dentist and the convo goes like this: Me: go rebrush your
teeth, for a whole 2 minutes, and put on a shirt without a hole in it.
Kid comes back a few minutes later in a dirty shirt. When I complain
he tells me all his other shirts are 'too short to wear in public'.
Damn. I'm allready trying, vainly to scrounge together money for a
past due electric bill and phone bill (so we can have lights and
internet in our new place when we find it) and mattresses that aren't
bed bug infested (700 gets us 2 brand new sets), and maybe a couch and
a tv from the thriftstore. So if you are a dude or have a dude in your
life who has some decent men's xl tees and hoodies you were planning
on sending to thrift store heaven, send me an email. i will totes take
them off your hands.

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