Thursday, April 01, 2010

Oh shiny! New subscription service

Do you love snark? Do you love the bitchy, occasionally bitter rantings I post here? Do you miss me when I'm gone? Do you feel more culturally astute when you've read some art blogging? Or at least that misery loves company when I just get down on the whole political process?

Have you added phrases like virtuous foodies or meddling middling middles to your repertoire? Used an RQ Cooks recipe to make cheap and tasty food?

Then you might think of hitting that shiny subscribe button up there, to the left. Before I even contemplate buying groceries or keeping the lights on, I have to pay for the internet, phone and storage. The internet and phone are what make this site possible. To date i have exactly one very generous reader who every single month throws $20 in the donation bin. And that is the total amount of reliable income I have in the world, 20 bucks a month.

So if you can find it in your pockets, under your couch, wherever, every subscription makes a huge difference in whether or not my stomach is going to eat itself in stress this month and whether or not this site will continue to exist.

Many smooches to the generous donor, and to all the past generous donors out there. You save my ass. Seriously.

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