Friday, April 02, 2010

Art Blogging: The Awesome that is Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos- The Bride

The other day, Other Cousin sent me this link to one of the wedding blogs she frequents (yes, both cousins are engaged and taking part in the Wedding Industrial Complex. Yes, I will be a bridesmaid (2x), If I didn't love these 2 women with my whole heart there is no way I'd put on a fancy dress and help them pee while they are wearing their own fancy dresses)

What you are seeing above is a chandelier made entirely out of OB tampons. I oh'd and awed over it when Other Cousin sent it, but it was not the first time I had oh'd and awed over Vasconcelos' work. She is brill, peeps. She is more than just a second coming of Judy Chicago (and that's saying a lot because I lurve me some Chicago). She focuses on the way we see femininity and then blows it apart. Take the tampon chandelier. Here is a beautiful (and giant) piece of art made from the little bits of hygienic cotton that are supposed to keep our disgusting lady parts clogged up while we are "on the rag".

But long before I ever saw the tampon sculpture, I fell in love with with her crocheted skulls

Now lemme tell you a little something about art history and women. If you make something that is both pretty and usable and you are a girl, it's called decorative arts and the "real" artists of the world will look down on you as a hobbyist. Do you make quilts? Or paint china? Or crochet or make lace? You are not a "real" artiste. This is why Chicago's Dinner Party is so successful at subverting the women aren't real artists meme, it's not only a pretty representations of famous women's vulvas, it's dinner plates, a decorative art.

And Vasconcelos does the same thing with her crotchet pieces. It's a big fuck you to the dominant paradigm. In addition to this gorgeous skull, she's crocheted a crab shell, an entire piano, a laptop, a mannequin and a dog and a whole list of stuff I can't even fit here.

Shoe made from pots and lids

And oh she is prolific. Which is awesome because I could look at her stuff all day.

Further reading and ogling

and just do a google image search for her name if you want to browse some artsy eye candy

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