Monday, March 15, 2010

Just A (singular) Kick Ass Feminist Playlist

The peeps at Jezebel are having a hard time coming up with a feminist playlist cause it's hard. Insert pouty face). Boo fucking who for them. For YEARS and years and years, whenever I've given a dude a playlist of some sort it has always included some kick ass feminist stuff (subverting the patriarchy one mix tape, burned cd, mp3 player at a time).

So here's a list, just off the top of my head, of some of my favorites

Le Tigre- Hot Topic
This song will give you a quick and dirty guide to a motherload of awesome feminists. That's all the song is, a list of names. And it's catchy as hell

One of the bands mentioned in the above song is Sleater Kinney. Here's I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

The Sundays- I Kicked A Boy Till He Cried (I love love love Harriet Wheeler's little girl voice singing mean sarcastic lyrics)

The Gossip- Standing in the way of control

And since Pearl Jam's been on my mind lately, how about Daughter

PJ Harvey: Sheela Na Gig (this was the Kid's favorite song when he was younger. Now he's moved on to Green Day)

And (just as a fuck you to Onion's AV club for including the original of this song, by James Brown, on their list) Concrete Blonde covering It's a Man's World

Let's see, that took me about 5 minutes o' googling, maybe a few more because I couldn't find the Betty Blowtorch video that I wanted. And granted, yes this playlist dates me as 90's slacker teenager.

What's your feminist playlist look like?

ETA: I can't fucking believe I forgot this one. It makes me cry every single time I hear it. Patty Griffin- Mary

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