Thursday, October 01, 2009


Everybody on this list:

Fuck you.

No, seriously, fuck you.

I'm pretentious movie snob. I not only know who most of you are, but I'm you're prime fricken audience. (Except you Woody Allen, I've thought you were a douche since forever). I love subtitles and subtext. I like complicated plots with no clear happy ending. I will pay money to see that shit, but I won't step foot in a theater to see to see whatever ode to American machismo is playing at the moment (see Apatow, Judd).

I'm now going to take a page from Tiger Beatdown
. I won't spend one thin dime to see a movie any of you all make. Oh I'll still get my fill of foreign drama and intellectually challenging stories from you all. But you ain't gonna see a penny of profit from it.

Because I don't give money to rapists, and I don't give money to rape apologists.

And really y'all, have you read the vicitm's deposition? It wasn't statutory rape- it was rape -rape, contrary to Whoopie's POV. She was a little girl, she was drugged and drunk, and she said no. She asked him to take her home, she lied about having asthma to get away from him. He ignored her. She said no to kissing, and he kissed her any ways. She said no to oral sex, and he did it anyways. She said no vaginal sex, and he did it anyways. She said no to anal sex and he did it anyways.

And then he plead guilty to rape, because he IS guilty of rape.

So all you other talented artists can now complain about how your rape apologism for another talented artist has robbed you of some much needed cash. I bet more than a coupleof you will be whinging about how us puritanical Americans are "raping you" by downloading your movies without paying.

But like I said at the beginning- fuck all y'all.

And P.S. to Sam Mendes and Darren Aronofsky- I'm thrilled to bits to not see your wives names on that list.

P.P.S. Kevin Smith and the guy from Heroes are getting all my cash from now on. I don't care if Smith is directing toilet scrubber commercials, I will buy a warehouse full of toilet scrubbers. Because it is that important to me that rapists not be allowed to get away with rape.

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