Friday, October 03, 2008


The Mommy Fetish was in fine form last night during the debate.

Palin was all "But I'm a mom!" through many of her answers. And you all know just how much I hate that.

Lots of people are moms. I can pretty much say that a majority of women in the world have been or will at some point be a mom. Truth is, it's a hard job but it's not actually my only qualification for ANY job, let alone the executive branch. And Joe Biden, I gotta say, pushed the curtain back on Palin's hockey mom fantasy a bit having been a single parent himself for a while.

I always admired that about Hillary. She's a mom, but she never had to fall back on her years of diaper changing experience to fluff up her resume. Being a mom qualifies you for one thing, being a mom. Being a dad qualifies you for exactly the same thing, btw. Anyone with half a lick of sense might use parenthood and it's universal struggles as a way to find deeper insight into the problems of struggling families, and I think that is what Biden tried to explain (albeit a bit inarticulately), or they can be Palin, oblivious to the struggles of families except her own.

Obliviousness is not a qualification for the executive branch. Contrary to the popular opinion of the tiny handful of remaining Bush supporters.

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