Monday, September 29, 2008

RIP Paul Newman

Once upon a time I worked as a receptionist/caterer at a place that can only be described as a gas station for private planes. Paul Newman used to stop at my little workplace fairly regularly. He was always kind to me and to the rest of the staff. As was his daughter. I can't say the same for other famous and powerful people who came through.

Part of my job was to make up box lunches and other treats for our clients. I fried chicken and learned to make my kick ass potato salad there. But the thing I rocked like no one else was the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I can proudly say I baked extras for Newman and his crew on several occasions.

He put his money where his heart was. He married a beautiful, talented and smart woman and stayed with her when other Hollywood marriages fall apart like wet kleenex. He was a true gentleman and a brilliant actor.

He will be missed.

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