Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doing the kid's homework for him

So the kid has a 100 point geography assignment due tomorrow.

He was supposed to listen to a world pop program on the radio and guess where 4 or 5 of the bands/musicians are from. He did not do this.

So instead he got subjected to some of my favorite world pop. And now you will too.

1) Manu Choa- Me Gustas Tu. I have no idea where he's from. He sings in both Spanish and French.

2) Maria Rita- A Festa. Brazilian jaz/pop. It makes me happy that someone with such a gorgeous voice exists in the world.

3) A remix by the Roots of Zap Mama's Rafike. Zap Mama is from the Congo but currently lives in Belium.

4) Mummy Troll. I have no idea what this sing's tittle is, but the singer was conscripted into the Russian army and has a different song where the entire chorus is a bunch of school boys singing "hoy" (Russian for penis)

5) Julieta Venegas- Casa Abandonada. She's actually from LA and because she speaks Spanish with an American accent I can totally understand her.

6 & 7 are both Gogol Bordello cause we love Ukrainian Gypsy Punk Rock in these here parts.

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