Friday, June 06, 2008

Persuasion- NOT

This is how Obamabots will not be getting Clinton voters to change their mind:

Stalking, impersonating, or lying

Racism or Classism

Misogyny, misogyny and more misogyny

Bullying and astonishingly bad sportsmanship

Race baiting

Hypocrisy- seriously you cannot pretend to love democracy and respect the vote if you also claim that what happened to Michigan and Florida was just and fair. I'm way to lazy right now to go pull out the mountains of quotes from Obama supporters at the RBC meeting that said the same thing "We respect the right to vote above all else, but the rules!"

No - there is little that can be done to change my mind. But I do promise that if you boyz can chill with some of the above, I promise not to perpetuate ratfucking rumors. And maybe not rub it in too hard in November when you lose.

Really, right now it is much better that you bully types leave me be. I am trying to decide if I am just going to ignore the election and vote Green or if I am going to actively campaign AGAINST Obama. The more you fuckers bug me, the more I want to undermine you.

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