Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Blog Stalkers

So just about anyone who is listed in either my blog roll or my I am Hillary links has been visited by our resident stalker troll- Matthew. (I've got a ton of new peeps to add to the blogroll, now I am glad that in my laziness I haven't yet)

He has been banned (many many times, he changes IP addys so it doesn't stick, edited, and deleted more times than you can shake a stick at. I warned him that if he continued stalking me I would call the police. I am doing that. I am also filing a complaint with google over copyright infringement as he is using both my name and header image in a derogatory way, contrary to my creative commons license.

But you, my darling friends can do one more thing. Please flag the fake elizabitchez ( blog for me. Then, if you're really nice, you'll delete his comments and ignore him.

And just to brush up- this kind of cyberstalking is a tool of male privilege. I would expect that even my Obama supporting male friends would not condone such behavior.


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