Thursday, May 29, 2008

That's it- I'm suing the Obama Campaign For harrasement

Seriously, the trolls have taken over. They were harrassing the fabulous Redstar over at Hillary1000 (Dudez- it's a PRO HILLARY SITE, the only reason you are there is to harass)and our resident stalker is back.

If you peeps could see the sitemeter stats for how long he spends on this site everyday- you'd be freaked. I gotta wonder if he ever takes a break, or works, or leaves his cheetoh covered basement lair, or has friends or sex with anything other than his own hand. It's really fucking creepy.

And Shakes can't even put up a post about sexism directed AT Obama without the trolls coming out. You have reasonable Hillary supporters going "yep sexism is bad" and Obamabots screaming "racism is worse!"

Even if I believed all the Unity propaganda about Obama- his followers make it impossible for me to vote for him. It's like Fundy Christians. Jesus may have been a righteous dude, but his followers are fucking nuts. And I ain't going near that shit.

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