Thursday, May 29, 2008

The definitive list- Pro Hillary

I'm tired of fighting Sweeties and stalker trolls, so I am making two definitive lists of 1) Why I am Pro Hillary an 2) Why I will not now, not ever, not under the pain of death vote for Obama. And in the future when either a sweetie or a troll tries to waste my time, I am simply pointing them here.

So let's start with why I love Hillary. And I mean love.

She (and Bill) got a ton of money and power and didn't forget where they came from. She laughs in the face of "poor" people like Maria Barteromo and Bill O'Reilly when they start whining about tax increases hurting "middle class" people like them. The only thing middle about either Barteromo or O'Reilly is their middling intelligence and Hillary has no problem calling them out on their hypocrisy. In other words- Hillary believes in a PROGRESSIVE TAX SYSTEM. Remember that? Surely when we had higher taxes during the 90's there must some proof that it hurt the economy severely? No, you mean we had the longest period of sustained growth in a century.

She has a long, and I mean long history of working to improve the lives of children, starting with her work for the Children's Defense Fund, her book It Takes A Village, etc. Also is a supporter of universal pre-k and expanding access to college education.

Has a long history of working for both equal rights for women and civil rights for everyone, (despite the current race baiting by the other side). She compiled the "Handbook on Legal rights for Arkansas Women".

Does not believe the voter disenfranchisement is a good campaign strategy. Also wants public financing of campaigns and same day voter registration and no oppressive voter ID requirements. She has always been a strong supporter of voting rights, including working to get the voting age lowered from 21 to 18 during the Vietnam draft.

She has always believed (since her thesis at Wellesley at least) in programs that help people directly, not programs that create bigger bureaucracies. As a person living in poverty, I know that more bureaucracy means more hoops that I have to jump though to get help and less money and resources going to actually help me.

She does not use the divide and conquer strategy of most political elites. Her plans include ways of helping everyone, the poor, the middle class, all races, and both sexes.

Has a solid history of working to better low income housing and to increase affordable home ownership. Also has a solid grip on the economics of the current housing foreclosure crisis and is willing to fight for the homeowners instead of the banks by placing a temporary moratorium on foreclosures.

Is probably the single most experienced politician in the country today working on universal healthcare and has the best plan to create it.

She is not only anti-NAFTA (and has been since 92) but also wants to do away with the Bretton Woods compact. (Bretton Woods being the thing that gave us the IMF and the World Bank) in favor of a system that actually deals with the problems of a global economy instead of creating them. Also voted no on CAFTA.

Wants to eliminate tax breaks for companies that do business in the US but move their production overseas.

Is pro-choice, unquestionably and has the record to prove it.

Wants to make Big Oil fund alternative energy research and wants to invest in alternative energy jobs that can't be outsourced. Will ratify Kyoto agreement and expand public transportation funding.

This post could go on forever. She has so many years of experience in all the important things and I don't have a lifetime to type it up.

Mostly, I love Hillary because she is the strongest person I have ever seen in the political arena. She can take any kind of personal insult, humiliation, and hurt and still go on day after day after day fighting for the rest of us. She has the compassion of Eleanor Roosevelt, the pragmatic, energetic optimism of Franklin Roosevelt, the moral fortitude of Lincoln and strength of a mythological hero.

Hillary isn't an "Us and Them" candidate. She believes in all of us, and she will fight for all of us.

And that is what I love about her. I know she really does care about people like me, and not just when election year rolls around.

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