Sunday, May 04, 2008

Periodically speaking

Sometimes The Nation is full of shit.

You would think that there are only three demographics in this race, white men, old white women, and blacks. Oh wait, there are some younger women too, but they are confused little flowers who can't pick sexism out for themselves but know it feels icky.

This craptastic piece goes through extraordinary lengths to paint the Clinton campaign as directly racist.

Yet there is no mention of the obviously sexist trope that has come out of Obama's own mouth.

I think someone drank the Unity Pony koolaid, but wants to still look "fair and balanced".

It's not fair and balanced until you talk about how Obama thinks women should only have "some control over their own bodies", or about how he's for parental consent laws for abortion, or how he likes to use sexist dog whistles in campaign speeches. You don't have to tie yourself in knots to see the sexism there. It comes straight from the Unity Pony's mouth.

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