Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is not my idea of fun.

So the bloggy blog is a little different. Echo, which used to be JS-Kit which used to be Haloscan is going away in a few weeks. I thought of just shutting the whole thing down rather than deal with (AGAIN) changing commenting platforms and importing and blah blah blah.

But even though I can barely be assed to write something once a week, I am not totally ready to give up on Blogger just yet. If Tumblr ever makes it so I can import this whole thing over there- IT'S ON!

Right now I am waiting to see if Discuss imports all the old comments. And if Discus installed comments on Tumblr. If you all haven't visited me over there, where I am ALL the FUCKING TIME, I have now installed comments*. So even if you aren't a hipster with  Tumblr full of dubstep remixes (or one of the cool kids like Vest Left, the blogger formerly known as Montag, and BLCKDGRD) you can still comment on my ridiculousness over there. And it's ridiculous. I have an unabashed love for Avengers fan art.

*As I was typing this sentence, old friend o' the blog tested and YES comments work at Tumblr but you can't see the option for the dash. You have to go to the actual page to see them.

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testing testes testy