Monday, September 10, 2012

Awesome things said at dinner

So I have this old friend. This awesome old friend. And during the 2008 elections we had some very heated debates. I've mellowed. I am all honey badger about the current election. I can't believe I ever spent so much emotional energy on a party as shit-tay as the Democrats. I am now mostly a nod and change the subject type when it comes to what flavor of shit sandwich people are gonna swallow come November. At least in person. I have a lot of old friends and I don't want to waste any time that could be spent discussing Dr. Who or "How the fuckity fuck does Pandora decide Outkast belongs on my playlist with The Pixies?" rather than discussing shit sandwich vs. shit sandwich with pickle. But still, the shit sandwich finds it's way into discussions, because it's that time. Not all of these were said by old friend, but he and I are both voting Green. (Lots of paraphrasing. I made fried chicken and drank whiskey. DO YOU KNOW HOW LABOR INTENSIVE FRIED CHICKEN IS?" "Hey remember when the Dems wanted to repeal the Patriot act?" "Remember when they cared about habeus corpus?" "I love the part of the platform that says abortion is between a woman and local control of her uterus, her husband, doctor, clergy". "It's all about eliminating the middle class. It's a question of if you want lube with it. I vote for Democrats cause I am trying to slow the process" (me- in response to the above) "I vote 3rd party to speed up people's recognition of how fucked we are". I love my friends. We don't all agree at the same time on the same things. But Obots they are not.

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