Thursday, July 07, 2011

Everyday Activism

I've noticed that my music playlists have veered hard towards the skinny, white boys in tiny pants lately. That happens sometimes with books and movies too. It's so easy to be swayed by cultural hegemony. It's everywhere. You don't have to look hard. It requires no effort.

So I try to pay attention and be more inclusive when it happens. It is the tiny steps, the little additions of voices and words of people who normally aren't heard from, of being an activist to my core. If the only messages I ever allow into my world are from a privileged point of view, how can I ever understand the unprivileged?

It is so easy to say "I'm not a (insert oppressive group here)". But without action to follow that up, the statement is empty. "I'm not a racist" (but I wouldn't watch a tv show about the dating lives of black women). I'm not a sexist (but I find that all the bands I listen to are men-only). "I'm not a homophobe" (but I'm not watching any of that gay shit).*

Yes, looking for media that includes voices of the others takes a bit more time. It's not easy to find (or make, for that matter) because it doesn't reflect the values and ideas of the dominant class. ON PURPOSE. It's not just a matter of listening to/watching/reading what's good (or considered good- think how many people still read the Big Orange Cheetoh or the apologist farm known as HuffPo).

And let it never be said that I am bossing people into doing things that I am unwilling to do. (Fuck that shit, I'm not bossing anyone. Either you get it or you don't. I ain't here to hold your hand and pet your head and make everything nice for you.)So here's Rye Rye doing a song that has had me sofa-dancing all week.

* All things I have specifically from people claiming "I'm not....."

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