Monday, June 20, 2011

Linkfarming cause Mama's got a sick bug

I'm all stuffy nosed and raspy voiced and not at all happy about it. So here's a lazy bloggers post. There will be lots of shit to piss you the fuck off in these links. Trigger warnings everywhere.

Scott Adams, creator of the super crappy Dilbert who has gotten himself in trouble before for writing some shitty stuff and then sock-puppeting to his own defense, now writes about how rape is one of mens' natural instincts. Does anyone remember that study that showed that rapists and/or wife beaters were more likely to think that all men acted like they did? I think Scott Adams may have just outed himself as a creepy rapist if those stats are true. How else do you explain a man who thinks rape is something all men want? (This is the tactic I think I will take with all rape apologists in the future. They have all ready told us who they are, we should give them the respect they deserve.

From (one of) the fauxgressives on my Facebook (ugh, why?) comes a link to this post about how a whiny, self-involved asswipe of a woman blames feminism, and not her abysmal taste in men and/or her own selfishness for making her a single, middle aged mother. Boo fucking hoo. I am also a single (almost) middle aged mother and feminism is one of the things that has kept me from going all Sylvia Plath, but perhaps that's because I don't think feminism means license to be a douchenoodle.

I'm not a big one for poetry, but White Women Laughed is amazing. Thank you Anishinaabekwe.

Dan over at Womanist Musings writes about minor incidents of stealing in order to get by while poor. Pearl-clutching ensues in comments. Let's all remember what I think about "common sense" and ask ourselves how starving is more sensible than eating while poor?

There is officially no branch of government fighting against the War on Women. Not the Legislative, not the Executive, and not the Judicial. I would suggest that the wives of the tacky men in their tacky blue suits (or polyester black robes) go all lysistrata. I all ready make it a policy not to sleep with men who hate women, or I'd go lysistrata too. (ETA fuck that link to Jezebel. Read this link at The Crow's Eye instead )

So peeps, since I am laid up all- gimme something good to read. Leave me a link in comments and I will love you forever.

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