Friday, June 03, 2011

I'm Pro-Choice For Dudes Too

Meaning that they should have more options than condoms or vasectomies, not that they get veto power on abortions or baby having. (Obvs, in a healthy relationship these things would be discussed by a couple, but every woman should get to decide what she wants done to her body).

So male birth control. What's the hold-up? Why don't dudes get the option of a long-term, more reliable form of birth control than just condoms. Aside from the obvious no-baby benefits, there is a hidden benefit for us ladies. Fewer MRA douchenoodles could claim that women were tricking them into fatherhood not paying child support.

On that note, an Indian scientist has developed a reversible method for killing sperm before they are ejaculated. (fair warning, link is to Jezebel)Longer term and less fallible than condoms, reversible and fewer side effects than vasectomies, I think we all need to signal boost this idea asap.

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