Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Finding Joy

I read a quote from bell hooks once about when dealing with such intensely crappy shit, day in and day out, you have to find something to be joyful about. Y'all know I'm bad with the exact quotes, but that was the gist. And I'm working really hard on the joyful lately. Yeah, money sucks, money always sucks. And yeah, our government is full of lying, hateful douchebags in tacky blue suits. And yeah, corporations won't be happy till we're paying them to let us work. And rapey rapists keep raping. And jerks keep being jerks.

But I have these lovely friends, both in meat space and cyberspace, who just keep being there when I need them. And I am sitting on my own couch, in my own apartment, listening to Joe Strummer on my own compy while staring out the window at an evening that is both grey and rainy and sunny all at the same time. And the Kid just keeps becoming more and more of this awesome person who I am so lucky to know. And there's a boy in the world who makes me giddy and mushy and toe-curlingly happy.

It's so much good that I am teary-eyed happy thinking about it. (Or I am just pms-y, wevs). Sometimes the world sucks and blows at the same time and sometimes there are these little pockets of joyfulness that I can just curl up in. And that's where I am right now.

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