Sunday, January 02, 2011

Incentives, incentives

So health insurance parasites companies are cranky. See, they've been tiering their prescription drug coverage so that patients have less incentive to take more expensive drugs because of the higher co-pays that the insurance parasite company charges compared to other, sometimes generic drugs.

But pharmaceutical companies (also often parasites, but at least they produce an actual product) have been countering by giving patients coupons to cut their copays. They are providing their own incentives. But the insurance parasites have to eat the larger drug costs because the coupons only pay for out-of-pocket (OOP in health and welfare speak) costs. Suck it, parasites.

And the insurance parasites are pouting. Hands on hips, bottom lip stuck out, pouting. "But but but it's not fair" goes the parasites' whambulance.

You know, if they don't like it they could always get out of the game. But somehow I don't think we'll be that lucky. I would like to see big pharma and big parasite arm wrestle for legislative supremacy on this one. Usually they are all sunshine and rainbows for each other when it comes to lobbying the pols. Who will the pols side with? Who has deeper pockets come election time?

And this would all be unnecessary if we had single payer. Coupons for drug co-pays are already illegal for medicare users.

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