Thursday, January 06, 2011

Everybody fucks up

but very few people admit it well.

So Roger Ebert, who is usually awesome, weighed in on the controversy about replacing the word n****r in Huck Finn with the word slave by tweeting that he'd rather be called a n****r than a slave. (sorry folk, rules of reclamation mean I won't type the whole word).

When someone pointed out this little bit of privilege, he responded with “You know, this is very true. I’ll never be called a N***** *or* a Slave, so I should have shut the **** up,”

That's how you apologize when privilege comes leaping out of your mouth or keyboard. Imagine a world where after any number of stupid things said by, oh say Keith Olberman, we got a "you're right, I'm never going to be date raped in Sweden, so I should just shut the fuck up".

Or the virtuous foodies "you're right, I'm never going to have to choose between organic steel cut oats and paying the electric bill. I should just shut the fuck up,"

Or members of the political class "you're right, when we say sacrifice we mean only for people who have less than us. We should just shut the fuck up".

(I think I had a little wordgasm typing that last one).

As far as the actual controversy goes, I think Renee sums it up better than I can. But I will add one little thing, would it be so fucking hard to include books written by actual people of color when talking about race and or slavery?

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