Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Guilt or Anger and Apologies.

I shared this video in my google reader the other day

I've heard, way too often, people complain about anti-racism work because "I'm not responsible for the actions of my ancestors" and use the guilt they feel (or think they should feel but don't) as a reason to continue on in their little privilege bubble. That's why I linked it. It's a good response to those types.

However, Renee has some pretty damn valid reasons to be pissed off at the video. While watching it, I did have a fleeting thought or 2 about how it wasn't calling people out on the privilege they currently enjoy.(And I get to have only a fleeting thought or 2 because of white privilege, that's what privilege is about). You should feel guilt for those acts of racism (sexism, homophobia, abelism, classism, etc) that all of us with privilege commit at some time or another. You should feel the guilt, make the apologies, and do your best to never ever do it again. The video completely ignores the ongoing acts that perpetuate oppression.

So, I apologize for linking the video without addressing the problems in it. I promise I'll work really hard to not let those fleeting thoughts and criticisms go by without examination in the future.

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