Monday, October 25, 2010

Question for the peanut gallery

Ever since I stopped believing in Democracy Theater, I no longer have any interest in discussing the minutia of politics with the so called "high information" voters. You know who they are.

I can't stand to have the talking heads on the teevee screaming in the background. I don't care what new scandal has happened. I really don't have the patience to listen to the new latest evil thing the republicans have done now.

But the party loyalists, the high information voters (really, cable news =/= actual news) get livid when, in an attempt to get out away from whatever current hard sell spiel their delivering, I tell them I don't believe in voting anymore. And if they don't get livid, then they get this look on their face like I just kicked their dog and told them Santa isn't real.

I guess I should do a whole post on Democracy Theater. But in the mean time, have any of you all experienced the kicked puppy/ santa is dead reaction? It makes me really unwilling to discuss politics anywhere outside the safe places of bloglandia, not so much because of the screamers, but because I don't think people should be forced to see this until they are ready to see this. When they are ready they go seeking it out all on their own, no indoctrination required. And no kicked puppy faces.

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