Monday, October 25, 2010

It's the Lizzie Space-Time Vortex Of Awesomeness

Or what a difference a day makes.

So after a year of anti-social exile it's amazing how fast things go back to not horrid. As soon as the plane landed my phone was full of "where are you, are you here yet" text messages. I didn't even leave the airport before I saw the first of many long lost friends (Hi C! You are my cat-loving freaking hero!)

So today it was brunch and drinks and crafty art projects and dinner and movies and wine and fun and laughing and people who I love and like and OMG I used to be a super social fucking party girl. And I'm still charming and fun, even if I'm a wee bit older.

It is rad and the title of this post comes from what was supposed to be an hour long brunch turned into 3 and half hours plus a waitress demonstrating bad ballet moves.

It is good to be home, and urban, and social and safe. Most importantly, safe.

Thank you bloglandia. You did this.

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