Friday, October 22, 2010

Middle class values don't what?

Hey Salon. Hey NY Times. How about instead of the hand wringing about how different the poor are from everyone else, you ask one.

Or two. Or 20.

But for fucks sake stop using your assy Regan stereotypes to show the difference. I'm fucking poor as dirt. I've never met a Welfare Queen and I've been poor all my life. I lived in the ghetto for almost a decade. Never saw one there. All I saw was people trying everything they could to get by, same as you, but with less opportunity to do something to powerfully change their lives.

But once again, with feeling MIDDLE CLASS VALUES DON'T SOLVE POVERTY. Poverty isn't a moral or ethical failing. You really want to end poverty, hand over the cash. Period. Everything else is abstinence only education.

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