Friday, October 22, 2010

The Great Escape Blegathon Continues


so thanks to two lovely godless whores I'm at 700 bucks. I'm trying to book a slightly pricier flight that leaves tomorrow, but southwest's site is made of lose.

Thank you thank you thank you

So far I've got $150 in donations. Sweet!

If i fly Southwest and risk fatty shaming/ seat denying then I can get us out of here on Wednesday for $360 plus $75 for the cat.

I still am stuck on the $176 shuttle to get us from dante's 9th circle of rural hell to Orlando.

So that's $611 needed minus $150

I need $461 to get out of here. Not a huge amount, but it seems like a mountain at the moment and my strength is dwindling. You only have so much useful adrenaline in you to get through crisis shit before your body just says "fuck you". And my body is at the fuck you stage. Thanks you traitorous skin bag.

so that it.

$461 and counting.

ETA: Are you wishing you could give but think paypal is the work of the devil? How about a Southwest Giftcard instead?

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