Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inappropriate conversations with children

Me: I want soup

Kid: What kind of soup

Me: noodle soup, like pho

Kid: I miss pho

Me: we could make it. It's just rice noodles and broth and slices o' meat

Kid: And the extras, don't forget the extras

Me: like thai basil and cilantro and lime and hot sauce

Kid: BEAN SPROUTS! DON'T FORGET THE BEAN SPROUTS! They're my favorite part.

Me (to the tune of SirMixalot's Baby got back, complete with silly dance moves) I like bean sprouts and I cannot lie. You other brothers can't deny!

(ftr- Seattle is lousy with pho soup places. The best place to eat out if you've only got a few bucks is any of the Than Brothers places. You get a giant bowl of soup, bigger than your head, and cream puffs for under 5 bucks. OH and vietnamese coffee is pretty fucking rad too)

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