Friday, March 12, 2010

Failed bank gets FDIC bailout and STILL forecloses on little people

First- go read this about a blogger who is losing her house on Monday. Yes, Monday. Her, her husband, and her 3 teenage kids are going to lose the only house the kids have ever known.

That all totally sucks, but it is worse. The bank that refi'd their house, IndyMac, is the same bank that caused runs on their ATMs about 2 years ago. The FDIC had to bail its ass out.

Are you all feeling the hopey change yet? I, for one, am not actually happy to be welcoming more people into my little homeless corner of the world. Not because I don't welcome the company, but because I am real fucking familiar with the untethered chaos that comes from financial instability. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, except for the banksters themselves.

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