Wednesday, December 30, 2009

While I was out....

We have always been at war with east no west no all of Asia. And now we are bombing Yemen and independent reports say that there is no way to get out of Afghanistan in 18 months.

A dude without a passport, whose own dad has warned the authorities that his son is a danger, tries to blow up a plane over Detroit (really- like the Motor city doesn't have enough problems)and only fails because of dumb fucking luck. Seriously folks?

I won't even get into the debacle that is health care reform, except to say that every word in "health care reform" is a misnomer.

I did read a really good mystery novel called "Origin". And I had a good dream last night for the first time in forever. Of course then I got up and trekked with Wonder to the Anti-social Insecurity office at the crack of ass after Other Cousin used ALL the fricken hot water for her shower. 80 gallon hot water tank, people, and I'm taking a cold shower.

So I stole Other Cousin's lappy and made for the free library wi-fi to figure out this
whole comment change over bruhahah. And fuckles my friends.

First- Echo won't even open comments on the library wifi. So I can't really go installing a platform that I- blog mistress extrodinaire, cannot use.

So maybe Disqus or IntenseDebate will work? But both require a serious commitment to internet time (like an entire days worth) and some code monkeying in order to import comments from haloscan.

And I have like 2 days to figure out wtf I am going to do now. Seriously- I need a code monkey. Usually I crunch through this shit on my own but I simply do not have the kind of computer access I need to be doing major blog overhauls at the moment. Help me code monkeys, you're my only hope?


So my little chicadees, what's news with you?

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