Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another edition of things I wish existed

A commercial where a woman eats a giant, fatty fat, meaty burger with no mention of how "bad" she's being.

A romantic comedy where a woman has to choose between 2 guys, the boring but handsome dream dude and the obnoxious dude-bro frenemy who really gets her. She decides her life is better without either and adopts a bunch of cats instead.

A law and order/csi type show where the women investigators aren't all required to poke at dead bodies at crime scenes or chase down bad guys in full make-up, fake nails, and 4 inch stilettos.

Any version of Law and Order Criminal Intent that doesn't include brilliant/damaged brooding dude detective and the woman detective who nods agreeably when needed. (Almost had it when Annabella Sciorra was on, but alas.....)

A female Doctor Who who won't have her brain explode by seeing the time/space vortex.

PWD played by actors with disabilities. Also, black women played by black women (I'm looking at you Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy).

And because I am pervy and like looking at pretty men- more gay men kissing on regular tv.

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