Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 things the Dems needto do ASAP to redeem themselves

1)End DADT and DOMA AND because you've been so douchey allow gays and lesbians all the same federal benefits that straight marrieds get and the gays may come back.

2)Strip the Pitts-Stupak amendment out of health care reform AND because you've been so douchey repeal they Hyde amendment and you may get women back.

3) Enact real health care reform including Medicare for all and reforms to drug pricing and you may get your liberal label back.

4) Enact real regulation of the financial industry including a temporary moratorium on foreclosures and maybe we'll get a functional economy back.

5)Throw money at the problem - JOBS JOBS JOBS. I don't care how. Pay people to stand on their heads and entertain on street corners. It doesn't matter what kind of jobs, but we need them now.

(And for good measure you could strip all anti-choice, blue dog, Joe Liebermans of all committee memberships until they remember what fucking ticket got them elected in the first place)


An Entire Group of Fucking People Who Should Have Been Reading This Blog During The Primaries But Were Overcome With Hopium Instead*. Oh and RQ.

(*I figure it's nicer just to sign for them rather than do the I Told You So dance)

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