Sunday, November 08, 2009

2nd class health care for 2nd class citizens

Hey ladies, wanna hear something crappy?

Democrats (you know the party that is made up of 60% women) couldn't get a health care bill through the House unless vagina americans got thrown under the bus.

Oh ladies, it's not that the men in blue suits hate your lady bits, they just don't want you to use your lady bits in any way that they find icky.

Now if we had a decent supreme court then it could easily be argued that disallowing certain medical practices that only ladies need is a form of discrimination, but we have a supreme court full of scaredy boys who think teh girls are teh icky.

Okay- I'm done with the infantlizing.

We pay for plenty of things we don't like with our taxes, things like bailouts for banksters, wars for oil, extraordinary rendition.

You may not like abortion, you may never want or need to have one yourself. I hate banksters and war and torture and would never sign up for any of them. But my dislike doesn't mean I get to ban all poor kids from military recruiting offices.

The biggest restriction on abortion access in a generation, brought to you by the democrats.

Don't you all love our 2 party system?

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