Thursday, October 08, 2009

When you're done with math, try some vocabulary

Anglachel, bless her awesomeness, has gotten some shit from the virtuous foodies who who don't like my take or her spin off on why poor people eat what they can afford.

Since we've already covered the math, let's work on basic reading comprehension and vocabulary.

It's called poverty people. It's not called "inability to budget", or "spends unwisely cause they're too ignorant to know better" or "they just wouldn't be in this situation in they handled money more wisely".

Now I hate to be the pretentious blogger who pulls out definitions of words so brutally common as poverty in order to prove a point, but since it's either that or I start carrying around a large wooden mallet to beat sense into virtuous foodies and other asswipes d'jour, you're going to have to suck it while I get pretentious.

Poverty, via wikipedia, "is the condition of lacking basic human needs such as nutrition, clean water, health care, clothing, and shelter because of the inability to afford them". Bolds mine.

See that- it's part of the definition that poverty is defined by the inability to get proper nutrition because of lack of money. It's kinda central to the whole idea of poverty actually.

So next time some dickweed wants to explain how he lives above the poverty line with a grocery budget that is more than adequate and doesn't understand why these poor people can't live just like he does, you can smack him over the head with a dictionary until he learns some vocab. And while he is lying on the floor reeling from a concussion you should totally raid the condescending prick's fridge. It's cheaper than paying full price at the farmer's market or whole paycheck foods.

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