Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Wonder and I have been diligently working to find an appropriate word to replace "crazy" in our vocabularies. I gotta tell you peeps, it ain't been easy.

We need one word to perfectly sum up beliefs or actions that cause harm to others and have no basis in reason or logic.

After much stumbling, we have found such a word. And that word, my friends, is

bachmann. This word will now replace crazy when crazy is meant to portray things that are: senseless; impractical; totally unsound OR likely to break or fall to pieces.

For example: Those Rethuglikans who voted against Al Franken's anti-military contractor rape bill are plumb fucking bachmann.

Or: Anyone who thinks teabaggers are cool must be batshit bachmann.

Or: Anyone can see that relying on private insurance and the free market for health care is a bachmann plan.

Feel free to add your own examples and to spread the word. I can only hope that one day bachmann will reach the pinnacle that santorum has in our lexicon.

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