Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm in a doing kind of mood

After reading about higher jobless rates becoming the new norm, real unemployment being about 20%, homeless families on the street while new apartment buildings sit empty, and fucking fauxgressive douchebags who wanna fat hate at the poor- I'm in the mood to do something.

I also just watched The Future Is Unwritten about Joe Strummer (who I love with the passion of a 1000 fiery suns).

It's time to get our punk rock, DIY, fuck your authority figures and the shiny horse they rode in on, on.

Nobody is gonna speak for us, the poor and ignored. Handouts and charity may feed you for a bit, but we are tired of begging for our fare share. I want to kick and break and punch and bite and scream.

And then I want to build.

I've been thinking that what we poor people need is a union. It shouldn't matter what your job is (or if you have one). We need to band together and scream for ourselves. We need the boots off our necks. We need the boots off our kid's necks. We need to be louder than the poor pitying tones of the middling middles.

It's time for a class war, is what I'm saying.

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