Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every revolution needs

a manifesto. So while I am not regularly interneted that is what I am working on.

So far I've got the Poor People's Union/Revolution or PPU/R

That's just not very catchy as a name, is it? Suggestions?

Also- for the non-poor but sympathetic (Like Blue Lion) of course you can be part of it, we always need allies. But like allies of other groups, self determination of poor people is the central idea. It's not about charity, or pity, or trying to make the middling meddling middles feel better (not the Blue has EVER done anything like that- I'm talking about the standard charity model of not really helping the poor much while at the same time making poor people feel ashamed because the system chews them up and spits them out at the bottom)

So what would you all like to see in a manifesto? I want it to be as inclusive as possible, no leaving people behind because their flavor of oppression has too many intersections to be easily summed up.

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