Friday, September 18, 2009

Let's All Say Hurray

And give a big round of applause to Gidget Commando for doing a helluva fill in job!

Kid and I made it, whoopee. We are still without regular internet access, though I have hijacked a laptop and wifi access at the moment. Until we get this resolved (I don't know when) I'll keep checking in as often as I can. But we are ok. Very ok. I knew that the mountains of stress I had been under was taking a physical toll (details are a wee bit tmi, even for me) but within 36 hours of landing I am back on the right path, if not 100 percent yet.

I'm getting ready to homeschool the Kid and just had a little meeting with a math tutor so I can figure out where to start him. I had a pretty good idea, but damn his old school fucked him over on the math teaching. He spent the last 2 years being an unpaid tutor and not learning much of anything. It makes me steam out the ears, the amount of wasted time and energy. But I think it will work out.

Having family around is awesome and weird. I am so used to it being just me and the Kid and quiet. But now there's 7 to 9 of us around at any given time. It's loud and crazy and there has been lots of hugs and tears. But good.

And hot. OMG people. I am a northern city girl in a tropical farm town. I love sweaters and knee high boots and trench coats in shades of black and grey. And none of that is wearable here. I may have to become one of those people that wears capri pants in sherbert colors. Stop me before I lose my gritty edge!

Much love to all of you that helped me get here, and sent good wishes. You kick ass.


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