Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dear Pope Ratzi

If you keep excommunicating everyone that disagrees with you, then all you'll have left is a church membership made up entirely of pedophiles.

And that's okay with me, cause then we'd all know to who to avoid.

But in the mean time, please tell me how Christ would think it's okay to forgive the rapist but that the child he raped should suffer either excommunication or death because her 9 year old uterus is too small to carry one baby, let alone two?

And to all the folks about to be excommunicated for helping this poor kid out, I invite you to join my soon to be created "Church of the Real" where we believe lives of real living people are more important than the ideas of blowhard misogynists. There will be cookies instead of stale wafers, vodka tonics instead of church wine, and we don't give up shit for lent but will still party at carnival.

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