Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chicago Dyke at Corrente

sums up exactly what I'm feeling. And it ain't good.

Sacrifice? Be the change?

What more do I have to sacrifice? We have no money. Every month it's another round of pay rent or eat (this month both lost to some extent). I have no health care, so I can't give that up. I was kinda hoping that I might actually get healthcare from a Democratic government, but that got pushed aside for banking reforms.

I've sacrificed finishing my education. There's no money for that. Next year I'm sacrificing my kid's public education. There will be one less child sucking on the educational teat. A special needs kid at that. Is that enough sacrifice?

And I've been the change, since I was a tiny girl stomping her feet in patent leather shoes. The only thing left for me to change into is a Republican. And no body wants that. Or do they?

I want to see billionaires sacrifice their private jets to taxes so that schools can have smaller class sizes. I want to see Halliburton and KBR sacrifice the Iraq war cash they've disappeared like Pinochet's prisoners to their rape victim employees. I want to see health insurance sacrificed to make room for healthcare.

I want to see Wall Street bankers be the change by giving their bonuses paid with TARP money back to the government. I wanna see the Big 3 car makers be the change by developing green cars and green jobs.

I am the change, I've been the change. I've given up 5 years making sure that students go into the world knowing how to use computers and get a job without a raise or benefits for myself. I don't have anything left to give, except my voice. And I've been giving that away for free since I learned to talk.

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