Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A post without center

I keep trying to write something, anything. Even a resume, since there is no way in hell that the kid and I will ever be able to get out of this mess on my measly part-time, no raise in 5 years salary at the community college.

But I am stuck.

I have all these ideas floating in my head that just won't solidify. Since I can't put them into a coherent stream, I'm gonna give you peeps the leftover bits and see what you can make of them.

1) I wonder how many houses could be saved if we took all the money that is bailing out AIG and Freddy and Fannie and just paid the mortgages off of people who are being foreclosed on. I'd rather see our tax dollars going to keep people in their homes than to bloated behemoths in business.

2) Are these bailouts some sort of Reaganomic style trickle down socialism? If socialism is good for the wealthy, why isn't it good for the rest of us? Aren't we just encouraging the upper class to be lazy slobs who would rather steal our hard earned tax dollars than do an honest days work?

3) If I do send out my resume, do I have to go back to the pink collar dead end crap that I did before I went to work for the college, or can I find a way to push myself into a more techy position. Shit, that's how I got so damn good at the pink collar crap. I fibbed about my knowledge and then learned on the job really fucking quick.

4) How fucked up is it that I- a political science major- am so fucking sick of the politics of both major parties right now I don;t even know if I can be assed to vote in November. I've eaten politics for breakfast everyday since childhood. And right now I think we;d have better luck if we randomly drew names out of a hat every six months to pick the president. And maybe the congress to.

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