Saturday, September 20, 2008

A hot plate is no stove substitute.

Many months ago the boys in the house upstairs from Ruth's knocked out the gas line. So there is no heat and no stove (there is hot water though).

It's a fight between the boys and the owner over who is going to pay the 4000K to get it fixed, and Ruth is just kinda stuck until their game of utility chicken plays out.

In the mean time, it's cold and rainy and fall is here. And all I want is soup. Tortilla soup. And it has taken over an hour to get a pot of broth on a hot plate to boil.

Oh and BTW- the rethuglikans are doing the same thing to the banking industry that they did to civil liberties with the Patriot act. We are all scared and worried about being able to feed our families, so they are pushing through emergency measures that are supposed to make us feel better, but really just fuck us up the ass without lube.

Now you know.

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