Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go Galavanting!

You all may have noticed the new add in the corner for Galavanting magazine.

Guess who is responsible for this awesome little gem of travely goodness?

Kim from Religiarchy!

I love to travel. I even usually like airplanes (shocking, I know). I read like some people read Perez Hilton. It's a happy little sickness I have.

So having a much more hip and savvy mag for us adventurous girls makes my little heart go pitter patter. And who knows, maybe Kim will even let me tell my story about being cursed by a Mayan woman in the jungles of Mexico.

So click on the ad link and give them some love. (I am paid for the ad, but not for the clicks and even if I wasn't paid I'd be gushing like a school girl).

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