Thursday, April 13, 2006


WARMINSTER, Pa. -- The leaders of the Republican and Democratic committees in Warminster are calling for the resignation of GOP Supervisor Fred Gold, who sent an e-mail with a photo of a topless woman promoting Jan. 15 as "Breast Appreciation Day."

The e-mail that accompanied the photo asked, "Beats ... Martin Luther King Day, doesn't it?"

Democratic chairman Joseph Bowes Jr. and Republican chairman Jim Messina described the e-mail as insulting to women and blacks.

"It embarrassed the party. It embarrassed me," Messina said.

Bowes called it "offensive on many levels."

Gold sent the e-mail from his personal account, and apologized if anyone who received or saw it was offended.

"I certainly don't think I did anything immoral or unethical," he said. "To resign because of this, I don't think so."

Of coures he doesn'tget it, b/c he doesn't get it. Nothing like offending both women and blacks at the same time. Hey, at least he's efficient!

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The Red Queen said...

Too bad he couldn't offend jews and immigrants in that email as well. That would be batting 1000.