Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Election Time! Bring on the Hate!

So I got this lovely piece of shit in my email box:

Dear Bitch (or do you prefer "Cunt"?),I am writing with regard to your challenge below about something interesting to say.  I am just wondering how such a shallow witch like yourself could ever be receptive to anything truly interesting (in case you're not getting it this is my challenge to you).  Also wondering if you're young and dumb or experienced and bitter.  
The last bitch I confronted came up with the brilliant, "So fucking what?"
Don't worry I am not expecting much more from you,
This is from a Mr. (I assume mister because let's be honest, this kind of random hate doesn't usually come from ladies) Quimby Smith, or

Now after having done this blogging while female shtick for so many fucking years, I have zero patience for anonymous hate mail. I will, from now on, publish the names and email addresses of shitfaces. No getting to hide behind my common decency. You want to be an asshole, you're an asshole whose words are now attached to your (probably made up) name and address.

I am, or was a little surprised to get hater mail. I haven't written anything in months that could be thought of as even mildly controversial. Or even mildly interesting. (Thanks gainful employment!) Why the fuckity fuck now?

And then I remembered, it's election season. And the Obama campaign kicks off in the next week or so. Paid troll harassing the progressive non-believers? Unpaid troll just using election season to spread the misogyny? Does it matter? Nope.

Now I am not even a twee bit religious, but you reap what you sow. And the 2008 Obama campaign reaped a whole lot of lady-hating dudebros. And you know they are all just rabidly waiting to be uleashed.

But if rape threats and stalkers and shitheads didn't make me support Obama in the last election, why on earth would I support him now? Obama is exactly the politician I thought he was in 2008. He's a corporate shill, a warmongering shitface, and a power-hungry asshat of citizen killing proportions. And while I had thought of just sitting this election out because who wants to spend the energy arguing with fanatics that 2 percent less evil is still evil, I think that viscous and stupid shitfaces who email hate will be the thing that brings me back in.

Get the fucking popcorn. This is gonna be good.

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